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CVG: Comments of the week


A special edition of Comments of the week this week where we short change you by a day because of the holidays! Woohoo!

Turns out you didn't even need five days of commenting to impress, of course you didn't you're keyboard pros.

In fact it's been one of your best weeks yet despite being cut short so kudos. Kudos to you all.

UK CHART: Zumba Fitness still No.1

Wouldn't mind seeing her Zumba.. what?...

We should point out that there's a girl on the cover of Zumba. That's all it takes for PandyBear.

Alright c'mon time to own up, who's buying it. And is Mr Motivator a secret character? because that's a selling point to me.

Big selling point for us as well El Mag. Huge selling point.

i'd be more interested in reading what achievements this game has, if any. Fatal Heart Attack : 5g, Lost Half Your Body Mass: 10g. Made Yourself Look A Complete Prat: 985g

We can't add to this PandyBear. Played.

2 new Duke Nukem Forever screens

not a single boobie. rubbish screens

We will try harder justforkicks101.

Sonic Generations is official - Screens, preview

I weep with joy knowing old Sonic is back for his 20th to reclaim his title as Sonic The Hedgehog from that imposter hence forth known as Steve

We like it mogel94. Let's go one further and call him Steve The Character.

What do I think?

That as usual, they'll produce another crappy subpar game with some cool elements ruined by some new mechanics thrown in that they'll never want to use again in another Sonic game.

Also, Steve sucks.

Look! Steve is catching on! Nice one Charlie Bell.

I've never liked Steve, even back in Sonic Adventure where he looked like he was doing an impression of that Mr Stretch doll.

davidalden - Yes! We're just going to put up all the Steve references.

The question is where has Steve been keeping the real Sonic all these years and why wasn't it looked into sooner.

El Mag

Sonic should go on a revenge tour. We all know Tails and Knuckles were involved in Steve's rise to power.


I agree, I mean- just look at Steve's green eyes.....powerful enough to pierce the soul

Sonic's little black ones however- d'aaaawwwww.....


Sonic Generations gameplay trailer looks mint

I will play this.

Simple and clear from Zubee.

All of your hearts.... they will be broken!

Bwah ha!

boskersrevenge is familiar with the Sonic Cycle and seems to take pleasure from it.

Neo-Geo made of wood is amazing

i remember when all the best kit had a walnut veneer

We remember when it was all made of magma justforkicks101, back in the day.

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