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Wii 2 controller details: 8 buttons, twin analogues

More detailed information emerges on how you'll control Nintendo's next console

Another day, another Wii 2 rumour. Today's report, though, offers some rather interesting details on Nintendo's new controller for the console.


Adding to CVG's report that the controller will feature a high-res touch screen, Kotaku says the controller will also have two analogue sticks (yes!), a camera and eight buttons. We imagine that would include four face buttons and four shoulder buttons/triggers, although the site's 'sources who are familiar with Nintendo's plans' aren't that specific.

Apparently the screen will measure a massive 6.2 inches, but what's interesting is that it claims this will be one of at least two control options for the new console.

Rather than replacing the Wii Remote-style controller, Kotaku says the screen-enabled controller will be one option for some games, while the machine will also support "Wii Remote-style controllers". It's unclear if this means it'll use actual Wii Remotes or an entirely new Remote that's more accurate, but we'd guess the latter considering previous reports that the console's motion control will be "better than [Sony's] Move".

Speaking hypothetically, it suggests games like Wii Sports would be controlled with the remote, while players would use the screen controller for games like Zelda. Some games would give you the choice.

The screen can be used - as you'd imagine - to display inventories or maps in some games, or as a viewfinder. It can also be used to take pictures of your face to import into games, it claims.

Nintendo's Wii 2 has reportedly been named 'Project Cafe' behind-the-scenes, and features a custom IBM PowerPC CPU with three cores, a GPU from the ATI R700 family with a shader unit at version 4.1, and at least 512Mb of RAM.

CVG's sources have told us that the system will come with a controller that houses its own HD touch-screen. We expect an E3 reveal in June.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]