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Free Xbox Live Gold weekend part of world record attempt

'Largest online 100m sprint' this Saturday in Kinect Sports

This weekend people who only have a free Xbox Live account (formerly known as a silver account) will be able to access all of the features of a Gold account at no extra charge.

It's certainly a nice teaser for those unwilling to pay for their online gaming fix, but it's also part of an attempt by MS to set a rather bizarre world record.


Major Nelson explains: "Marking a free weekend of entertainment on Xbox LIVE, dubbed Xbox Nations, Kinect Sports players around the globe will join together and attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the 'largest online 100m sprint' at 1pm ET on Saturday, April 23."

That's 6PM UK time. "Players can participate by jumping on Xbox LIVE, firing up Kinect Sports, and running a 100-meter dash event at 1pm ET," adds the Major. "Each and every runner will be rewarded with an exclusive Xbox and Guinness World Record Avatar t-shirt."

Multiplayer in Kinect Sports will also be open to everyone this weekend, making it free for anyone to take part.

[ SOURCE: Major Nelson ]