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Dungeon Siege III trailer intros Anjali

One mean, magical mistress

Another new trailer for Dungeon Siege III shows off the magical powers of Anjali.


According to the official blurb: "Anjali is an Archon - a literal legend, come to life. In the stories of old, archons were spirits of fire, who served the long-lost creator gods. However, Anjali was raised by those who were sympathetic to the plight of the Legion. As such, Anjali does not know how she came to this world, what happened to the others of her kind or the true extent of her awesome power."

Square Enix recently delayed Dungeon Siege III in Europe from May 27 to June 17. The game will be available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in standard and limited editions, with the latter featuring four unique in-game items available to activate on launch day.

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