3DS could be a Wii 2 controller - Miyamoto

Nintendo exploring ways to connect 3DS to 'future home console'

Among the numerous rumours surrounding Nintendo's next console last week were suggestion that, like Wii, the new machine would offer multiple choices of controller, one of them could already be in your hands.

CVG's sources have told us that the system will come with a controller that houses its own HD touch-screen. More recent rumours have suggested the screen-enabled controller will be one option for some games, while the machine will also support "Wii Remote-style controllers" for others.


Unsurprisingly, it seems the 3DS is one of the possible candidates for controlling the Wii 2 (rumoured project name 'Project Café'), according to legendary Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, who mentioned the next Nintendo console in passing during a 3DS presentation in Paris this weekend.

According to Miyamoto, Nintendo has been exploring the possibilities of connectivity between its latest handheld and the firm's 'future home console'. As you might expect, he left Nintendo's exploits mostly to your imagination, but did say that one possibility was for the 3DS to be used as a controller for the machine.

Doing so would be nothing new for Nintendo, which has done just such a mechanic before with the Game Boy Advance and GameCube. Specifically, a four-player game called Legend of Zelda: Four Swords included an option for players to use the GBA as controller, with main gameplay taking place on the TV while any players who entered a house or cave would revert to gameplay on the GBA screen.

Elsewhere in the presentation, Miyamoto said Nintendo was testing unique ideas for 3DS games, including one in which an image is only visible to one of your eyes - creating an effect that could be used for ghosts - and another in which players would analise 3D objects from different angles to discover what they are, using the 3D to create a 'surprise effect'.

He also said the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 3DS remakes are complete, Ocarina of Time will be a better experience on the 3DS thanks to the touch-screen inventory system, improved frame-rate (30fps up from 20) and added features, and Mario Kart 3D will be released this year. Sweet.

[ SOURCE: GameKyo ]