Wii 2 promises 'something new for home consoles'

But probably won't be out before April 2012

As ever, Nintendo has assured gamers that it'll be bringing something completely new to the table when it reveals its next home console at E3 this June.

Speaking at a recent investor's conference, Iwata said the Wii successor "will offer something new for home game systems", and judging by the rush of rumours (and CVG's inside sources) the controller will once again be at the centre of Nintendo's new innovations.


On the other hand, 3D it seems will almost certainly not be a focal feature of the machine as Iwata says 3D TVs aren't nearly widespread enough to make 3D a central selling point for the console.

In the same conference, Iwata admitted: "It became difficult for developers to surprise customers with the current Wii," reasoning Nintendo's decision to jump on the next-gen bandwagon ahead of its competitors.

Having today confirmed a 2012 release date for the new machine, Iwata said its earnings forecasts which end March 31, 2012, don't include sales of the Wii successor, suggesting that the console will at least release after that date.

The console will be revealed at E3, and we'll be there to drool all over it.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]