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Best Buy lists 3DS Cash Cards

eShop preparations underway as major US retailer teases points cards

US retailer Best Buy has posted a listing for pre-paid 3DS Cash Cards on its site.

The cards, which are currently only listed for $20 values (as spotted by Destructoid), are up for pre-order now, although we don't see any point in pre-ordering infinitely-available Nintendo points. Unless you're so excited for next month's eShop update you can't help yourself.


There's no release date on the listing, and its 'Store Pick Up' option simply says "coming soon". But it does have a detailed product description:

Replenish your Nintendo 3DS eWallet with this Nintendo 3DS Cash Card. Get the full multimedia experience on your 3DS with downloadable games, add-on content, 3D video on demand and a new eShop. The new eShop features demos, game trailers, user ratings and previews. Use the funds in your wallet to purchase classic Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles and download them directly to your Nintendo 3DS for some on-the-go nostalgia.

Role on May.

[ SOURCE: Best Buy ]