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The PlayStation Network is down - but my gaming happiness is on the up

Opinion: Tom Pakinkis is forced to go cold turkey...

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I've once again become a single-player whore, dipping in and out of any one-man campaign that will have me. I've visited pastures old just to breathe in the air and remember how things used to be - and finally gotten round to the games I really should have played by now.

I've also turned my attention back to my six/eighths complete Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood campaign and some guy named Ezio. He told me we used to be mates once, before my memory got all desynchronised.

I've quickly realised what a fool I've been in multiplayer addiction mode; shuffling around the same square of map, waiting for one pointless kill after another, lapping up the same loop over and over. AC's is one of the best multiplayer modes I've played and a welcome distraction from Brotherhood's story, but that's all it should be. Assassin's Creed is about climbing view-points, stalking historical figures, penetrating conspiracies, taking on circles of guards, hassling Leonardo; not being enslaved by the company of faceless PSN'ers.

Multiplayer made me a fickle gamer, one that had forgotten the true value of a great gaming experience. Thank Butler that I bought Brotherhood on PS3 and not 360, with its devilishly sturdy Xbox Live.

So, before their inevitable, deserved punishment, I'm going to admit that, in an odd way, I owe something to the privacy-pinching evildoers who have brought PSN to its knees.

Now, fingers crossed while I check my credit card statements...

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