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Batman: Arkham City - Bigger and bolder, but is it better?

Hands-on with Rocksteady's sequel...

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During one attempt to rescue a security guard from a mob of hoodlums, Batman's detective vision automatically scans one of their faces. This identifies him as a henchman of The Riddler, and he glows green. It adds another layer to the side mission - if you leave him until last, you'll be able to grab and interrogate him, revealing the location of nearby Riddler trophies on your map. This is so you don't have to waste time scouring every inch of the map, which is five times bigger than it was in the last game.

"Our objective was not to make a bigger game world just for the sake of it," Ginn reassures us. "We want to fill it with content, and there's no better world than Batman's universe to take inspiration from. We were really proud of all the hardcore incidental references that we had in Asylum, and we still want to appeal to that kind of fan. If we want to explore a character that's a little obscure, DC will supply us with everything we need."


It's a huge undertaking. "We have 97 people on the team, compared to 65 on the first game," says Ginn. "Because we've decided to make such a large world we had to bring in more artists, animators and so on. It's been a pretty huge technical and creative undertaking for the team."

This feels like the game Rocksteady always wanted to make, and their confidence shows. After the briefest of snippets we can confirm it's not just bravado: the sequel hits new heights, despite the weight of expectation.

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