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PlayStation Move Heroes

Heroes to zeroes

PS3's motion-sensing Move controller launched last September and, with the exception of Sports Champions and Dead Space: Extraction, there hasn't really been a killer title to compliment it yet.


Sadly, uniting PlayStation's fi nest platforming heroes - including Ratchet and Clank, Sly and Bentley, and Jak and Daxter - for enforced motion-based activity does little to rectify this. PlayStation Move Heroes is little more than a series of repetitive mini-games that all revolve around the relatively limited range of gestures motion-controlled gaming tends to offer.

Point the controller and pull the trigger to shoot. Swing your arm to bowl explosives or release flying discs. Swing your arm a little more vigorously to smash baddies, and swing it more methodically to whip them to death.

Actually, the whip-based challenges are the best of the bunch, as the sharpness of the motion controller means that smashing through waves of bad guys is joyously destructive. The rest of the games, however, get very dull very quickly.

It'd be nice to say that co-op action is Move Heroes' saving grace, and it is - if you like being a targeting reticule. It's a missed opportunity that, in a game with so many heroes, the second player is reduced to aiming duties. Playing Move Heroes is like watching all of your favourite platforming icons being forced to sexy dance while leery punters throw filthy dollars at them. Never mind that you're an award-winning lombax legend, Sony needs its waggle-sticked Mario killer.

Yes, it's nice to see them alive and well - but they're not really the heroes we're looking for. None of their original developers have been involved with this title and it shows. These are mere character skins, devoid of personality.

It's clear that PlayStation Move Heroes is for a younger audience with a dip-in-dip-out attitude to gaming and to that end it works pretty well. But anyone looking for a serious challenge is best returning to the platforming titles that made these champions so great. That is, if you can look them in the eye. PS Move needs a real hero. Fast.

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The verdict

A limited mix of mini-games that will delight children, but no one else

  • Waggling action
  • Explosive bowling
  • Dead-eyed platforming legends
PlayStation 3
Platformer, Adventure, Action