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Mario 3DS reveal confirmed for E3, logo released

It's the image you've been waiting for...

Nintendo's released the first non-photograph image of Super Mario 3DS's logo. Print it, make a wallpaper out of it and show the family.

More info on the 3DS title, which was announced at GDC earlier this year, is only months away, Satoru Iwata confirmed to investors this morning.


"We are planning to introduce a new title from the Super Mario series which is a Mario action game in 3D space, that we will reveal at E3 this year," he said.

Nintendo's official release said earlier this year: "The announced 3D Super Mario game will feature traditional Mario game play and will fulfill the dream of Nintendo video game designer (and Mario creator) Shigeru Miyamoto to bring true depth and distance into the game's mechanics.

"The game is being developed by the same Nintendo team that created the Wii console hits Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2."