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Now PlayStation Blog comments go down

Users will be able to post again once the PlayStation Network's back up

If you can't already, you soon won't be able to make comments on the PlayStation Blog until the PlayStation Network launches again.

Sony explained: "We are aware that you may no longer be able to log-in to the PlayStation.Blog and leave comments.


"This is because every time you log-in using your PlayStation Network ID, a cookie is created to keep you logged in for one week. These cookies have now started to expire and you will not be able to log back in until PSN has been restored."

However, you can still read the PlayStation Blog without logging in and Sony has said it'll continue to update the site with any news it has about the PSN outage.

"In the meantime, please leave any questions or feedback on the following official PlayStation twitter feeds," the company added. Hit the link below for those.

[ SOURCE: PS Blog ]