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ITV Player, 4oD set for Xbox Live?

Microsoft to open up platform to "number of people" claims source

This week Channel 4 launched its on-demand video service on iPad, but according to reports it'll soon be doing the same on Xbox Live too.

According to Broadcast's "unnamed insider" (via Tech Radar), the platform holder is set to change its past stance and allow more broadcast partners on to the 360 online service.


So far Sky has been the lone company to offer TV and movie content through Xbox Live, but both 4oD and ITV Player are likely to be made available through the Xbox 360 soon, it says.

"It is taking a progressive view and opening up the platform to a number of people," said the "unnamed insider".

"Broadcasters are interested in securing a presence on Xbox because they have all seen how well Sky has done from the distribution deal. And there has been an internal shift to making it easier for them to get onto the platform."

The BBC has already reportedly tried - and failed - to bring its iPlayer service to Xbox Live. Last year The Telegraph cited "sources close to the BBC," admitting that problems arose due to Microsoft's desire to limit iPlayer access to users of the paid-for Xbox Live Gold Service.

iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player are already available on PS3.

[ SOURCE: Tech Radar ]