Portal 2 DLC details - new chambers, challenge mode, more... FREE

Valve lifts the lid on its first Portal 2 download content for Summer

As promised, Valve has confirmed details on its first downloadable content boost coming for Portal 2 "this summer".


Headed to all platforms (PS3, PC, 360 and Mac), Valve is currently calling it "Portal 2 DLC #1", which will bring new test chambers, leaderboards, a new challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, "and more". That already sounds like plenty, but we'll take more if you're offering, Valve.

And guess how much that lot will be. Free! The best kind of price.

In the meantime, if you've already finished the game and looking to eek out more from it, PC Gamer's posted a video round-up of Portal 2's best secrets and Easter Eggs. Well worth a watch.