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Red Faction Armageddon videos show pre-order treats

What US buyers will get for their early sign-up

Slap down a pre-order for Red Faction Armageddon at US retailers Best Buy or GameStop and you'll get free stuff, which is always nice, and you can see the spoils offered in the videos below.


The Recon Pack will only be available through pre-orders at Best Buy and gets you the Recon Suit, XNG-5000 explosive and the Arc Welder gun.

Meanwhile, GameStop pre-orders get you the Commando pack which comes with the Commando suit, the Laser Pistol and the Plasma Thrower.

No details for a similar deal in UK have been announced. The game will hit shop shelves on June 7 (US) and June 10 (UK), after a brief delay announced recently.

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