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Nintendo planning major 3DS launches around third-party schedules

Firm doesn't want to step on third-parties' toes

Third parties often complained that Nintendo's own games stole the limelight on Wii and DS, and the platform holder is determined not to let that happen again on 3DS.

So much so, that Nintendo boss man Satoru Iwata has said Nintendo is holding off announcing release dates for some of the platform's biggest games (Super Mario, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing) until it knows the release schedules of third party developers and can plan around them.


"The reason why we have not yet set the launch dates is not only because of our development status, but to create an environment in which third-party titles will also sell well, which is the aim we set when we announced Nintendo 3DS," Iwata told investors recently.

"If we fail to create such an environment, we will not be able to maintain the momentum of the platform continuously. We don't believe Nintendo can do everything by itself. Of course, we are strongly aware of the fact that Nintendo's titles are obliged to drive the sales of the hardware, but we are not as arrogant as to think that Nintendo can maintain the market on its own," he added.

"We want the other companies to be successful. In order to accomplish this goal, we would like to decide on the dates after we know the release plans of other companies' games so that we are able to consider how we can maximize the sales of our titles without affecting the sales of other companies in the short term."

Nintendo has, however, confirmed that the new 3DS Super Mario game will be shown at E3 next month, and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has pledged to have the game released by the end of the year. That would be awesome, but we're not holding our breath.