Wii 2 to have just 8GB of storage, claims latest rumour

A bit smaller than PS3's 320GB...

Nintendo's Wii successor is set to forgo an internal hard-drive, instead offering developers just 8GB of on-board flash memory with which to save data, a new report claims.

According to Kotaku - which was one of the first publications to chime in with Wii 2 reports - the on-board memory offered by the next console will be 16 times the capacity of the original Wii, but still significantly lower than that being offered by competing HD consoles (PS3 is at 320GB).


While 8GB would allow ample room for downloadable retro games and updates, downloadable content such as this morning's 1GB Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation map pack would quickly see gamers run out of space.

According to Kotaku's sources, the next Nintendo console will use a disc format capable of holding up to 25GB of data.

Nintendo's confirmed it will show off its next console at E3 in June, and as CVG (was first to reveal the controller will once again be at the centre of the company's new innovations.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]