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Yoostar 2


The requirements for playing Yoostar 2, according to the box: a PS3, 3Gb of hard drive space, a 720p HDTV and a PS Eye.

The requirements for enjoying Yoostar 2, as not listed on the box: friends, a huge living room, neutral wall colours and booze. Ironically, for a casual party game you need a fairly complex set-up and a series of unlikely circumstances to really get value for money... or even for it to work properly.

Bring them all together, though, and there is entertainment. Kind of.

It gives you 80 movie scenes, some more iconic than others - some more 'What? Who?' than others - and wedges you in to spout the actor's lines, karaoke-style, as he or she sits very still.


Yoostar's selection of what it deems classic is questionable: for every 'Here's looking at you kid' in Casablanca, there's a random chat from series three of CSI Miami.

It's possible to toggle the dialogue prompts off for an ad libbing mode - though 'mode' is a bit grand - and often you can choose one of two characters. So, if you're not man enough to fill Arnie's clothes, boots and motorcycle, you can be the pen-pushing cop in The Terminator's famous "I'll be back" scene.

Better still, grab a mate (or pet) to play his role. Yoostar 2 shines in co-op or as part of a pass-the-pad party, once alcohol has loosened tongues and lowered inhibitions. And expectations. A fair bit.

Still, the lines are clear and easy to read, and you're scored on delivery and acting at the end. The timing of the prompts is perfect, and the novelty of seeing yourself in the movies only dulls when mundane objects suddenly appear in shot (unless that mundane object is one of your mates, in which case it can be hilarious).

Lighting and background is big problem for Yoostar 2, and one you're not going to avoid unless playing in a vast white room such as an abattoir.

Another serious issue is depth. The scenes are notably short, and actual acting parts even shorter. You might think 80 scenes plenty, but most are under 30 seconds and some are barely interactive at all. And any fans of Norbit reading? No, didn't think so.

There are more scenes on PSN for £1.39 a pop, but that seems incredibly steep considering their length. You can stretch it in other ways by uploading clips to the game's website, but they're not nearly as hilarious for anyone who wasn't there. Just watch ours if you don't believe us.

So, if you live in a house with bare walls and you're planning a party for patient mates who love some really, truly hopeless films... buy a lot of beer.

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The verdict

Entertains under very specific conditions, but pricey and naff.

  • Fun with drinks
  • Features Eddie Murphy
  • Short scenes
  • Dodgy technology
  • Pricey DLC
PlayStation 3
Blitz Games
Namco Bandai
Mini Games, RPG