Homefront DLC 'within the next six months' - THQ

Multiplayer demo also on the way

THQ has confirmed that Homefront DLC will be with us within the next six months.

At least, CEO Brian Farrell said that add-on packs would be arriving some time "about" that period during THQ's fourth quarter earnings call last night.


Farrell described the "multiple drops" as "robust downloadable content" as well as confirming that a Homefront multiplayer demo will also pop up in the future.

Kaos Studios' FPS has been out for well over a month now and, while Farrell acknowledged that people are already aware of the game, he said a demo would "stimulate more new users and purchasers."

The Homefront DLC will be released as a timed 360 exclusive, according to reports prior to the game's release, and the developer is hoping that it's something that will keep the game in player's hands rather than on pre-owned shelves.

If THQ wants to push any part of the game, it's right to go with the multiplayer in our books. Read our Homefront review to find out why it's a COD beater.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]