Gorgeous Mass Effect 3 screens fire in

Shepard takes on Cerberus

BioWare has released a small batch of screenshots from Mass Effect 3 - the third, and what is believed to be the final, chapter in Commander Shepard's story.

The screens include a few of the Game Informer shots that can also be currently be found in dodgy scan form online. They provide a good look at the Cerberus soldiers, which seem to be on the hunt for Shepard after the events of the previous Mass Effect.


Also pictured is Liara, who can be seen fighting Cerberus forces alongside the good Commander and Captain Anderson, who looks like he's enjoying an afternoon of staring out of a large window.

BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk has said the studio is "already been thinking about" the future of the Mass Effect series.

[ SOURCE: Igromania ]