Sony enlists crack cyber-security team as FBI investigates PSN hack

Outside detectives hired to help clean up platform holder's networks

Sony has enlisted a crack team of cyber-security investigators in a bid to clean up the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment, both of which have been taken offline following hacks the FBI is also investigating.

According to Reuters, outside investigators from Data Forte have been brought in to work alongside the FBI in a bid to catch those responsible for a data breach that has compromised over 100 million registered Sony accounts.


Cyber-security detectives from Guidance Software and consultants from Robert Half International Inc's subsidiary Protiviti are also assisting with the operation.

Sony said this week it will answer questions put to the company by the US Congress, the United States' legislature for the federal government, regarding the PSN hack and breach of customers' personal information.

Shortly after, the firm was hit with a $1 billion Canadian class action lawsuit over the messy affair.

Rumours suggest Sony is poised to release a new firmware update for PS3 when the PSN comes back online, possibly introducing heavily requested user features such as cross-game chat.

[ SOURCE: Reuters ]