CVG's Site Of The Week: Thumb Culture

Our favourite chunks of gaming goodness...

Last week our Site of the Week searchlight fell upon Xbox Live Addicts a place where enthusiastic Xbox gamers can go to organise a bit o' online competition.

This week we're shaking the cyber hand of Thumb Culture, which bills itself as an online video game magazine that takes into account the fact that we're all getting busier.


It's run by a team of volunteers headed by content director Paul Collett and editor in chief Chris Apparicio, who have actually never met face-to-face. What a crazy world the internet has created.

We sat down with Paul and Chris to find out all about Thumb Culture:

What sets Thumb Culture apart from other sites?

We try to push simplicity on our site, from the design, way down to how we cover news and write our articles. The idea is that people, as much as they want to keep up with their gaming news, have lives to manage. We're trying to cater to folks who want to stay up to speed, but not spend too much time really getting the tasty bits of news, or interesting articles. In essence, we've tried to create an online magazine that covers all aspects of gaming, but in bite-size chunks.

We've got a resident retro guy who does a great job reminding us of the good ol' days in gaming, as well as the rest of the editorial team who all seem to have a knack for finding the most interesting topics to write about. I'd also say our efforts to provide 24-hour news coverage puts us out there a bit, especially for a small site with a voluntary team.

What would you say you specialise in?

We take a lot of advice from actual gamers. As crazy as it seems, being a gamer doesn't make you perfect at covering video games from a journalistic perspective. I'd say we specialise in listening to what people want to hear more about, and making an effort to cover that, and dig around for more information. I think a few of the bigger sites forget that it's the readers that they should be catering to.

What do you have planned for the future?

In the immediate future? We're hoping to hit up some of the bigger media events in the coming months. Networking is a big thing for a smaller site like ours, so we'll be working to fly the Thumb Culture flag a big, get ourselves out there. We'll also be nabbing as much swag as we can possibly carry.

Thinking of the bigger picture, as cliché as it sounds, we are actually growing very quickly. I'd say our main aim is to keep our eyes on what makes us Thumb Culture, and keep things rolling at a nice pace. All of our team is voluntary, and they do a fantastic job keeping the site ticking over whilst simultaneously managing their busy lives.

Of course we'd like to "hit it big" and make Thumb Culture our day jobs, but I think I speak for the whole team when I say we wouldn't do it at the expense of losing what makes Thumb Culture such a great place to write for and (hopefully) read.