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FarCry 3 appears on stuntman's CV

Unannounced game makes another appearance, sparks E3 speculation

Is Ubisoft ever going to announce this game and stop the bloody speculation? FarCry 3 has once again hit the rumour mill after appearing in a few developer CVs.

Plucked out of the online void that is the internet, the CVs of a couple of stuntmen list the much-rumoured title as one of their previous projects.


Rumours surrounding FarCry 3 have been circulating for a while now, with PC Gamer having said late last year that development on the title is well underway. Later, Ubisoft declined to comment on speculation that Far Cry 3 will be hitting shelves in October this year after US mag Game Informer listed the third in the FPS series as an October arrival in its 2011 preview feature.

But that didn't stop Official PlayStation magazine suggesting that the as yet unannounced game may be released as soon as this year.

So, is it on the way or this all just smoke and mirrors?

[ SOURCE: superannuation ]