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THQ cans Saints Row: Drive-By

3DS spin-off will never see the light of day, confirms publisher

It looks like THQ has slam-dunked Saints Row: Drive-By in the cancelled games bin.


As you'll probably (not) remember, Saints Row: Drive-By was confirmed for the 3DS when the console was announced at last year's E3 show, but nothing has been said of it since. Now we know why.

"We are not developing Saints Row: Drive By," a THQ rep has told Joystiq, confirming reports that the game had been cancelled. It's light on explanation though - in fact, that's their entire response.

Pressed further, the firm said it had "no further comment at this time" regarding the game.

It's not the only 3DS game to fall off that initial launch list - BloodRayne: The Shroud has also been pushed to one side by developer Majesco, who told fans last month that the game "is currently on hold".

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]