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Zelda: Ocarina of Time gets sweet pre-order bonuses Greece

Yeah, that's right. Not UK, not America and not even Japan. These totally awesome Ocarina of Time pre-order treats have emerged in the pipeline for Greece.

Nintendo's official Greek site (via goNintendo) is currently teasing the pictured (below) goods, which include an OoT 3D themed 3DS Pouch, an Ocarina, an OoT 3D Cap and an OoT Keyring.


Oh, AND some fricking Deku Tree Seeds. No, not Arcacia tree seeds in a Deku Tree-labeled pot. ACTUAL Deku Tree seeds, to grow an ACTUAL Deku Tree that talks, and knows the future and has a dungeon inside it and shit. Believe with your mind.

We don't read crazy Greek symbols so we don't know what the terms of the deal are, but we do know that Nintendo UK and NOA had better stop faffing about and announce this stuff for the rest of the world, like, now. Because we don't want to have to empty our bank accounts on eBay to get this stuff that is now totally essential to for continued life.

Ocarina of Time 3D hits 3DS on June 17, and you'll be buying it that day as sure as you'll be drawing breath.

[ SOURCE: Nintendo ]