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FIFA 12: More details flood in

'Profound changes' outlined in OXM

Following the first FIFA 12 details that emerged at the end of last month, issue 73 of OXM comes complete with a chunky preview and interview on EA's footy sim packed with a healthy dose of new info.

The mag describes the difference between FIFA 12 and its predecessor as 'profound', with three key areas being improved on.

We've already heard a bit about the new impact engine, which will see players reacting to tackles depending on exactly where and how an impact hits their body, as opposed to relying on a handful of animations depicting stumbles and falls.

"The result is physical play that looks astonishingly authentic" says OXM, noting also that specific injuries will be based on new physics recognition (which has its biggest impact in career modes) and stronger players will be more resilient.

Those bigger, stronger players will also have a more realistic impact as they can now recognise where they're most effective (in the box, waiting for the cross if you're nine foot tall, waiting on the edge of the area if you have a foot like a traction engine) and, with a new 'Pro Player Intelligence' system, teams will adapt their style based on their key players' attributes.


The defensive game has also been reworked. Pressing the A or X button no longer sees tacklers home in on attackers - instead they'll hold off to "contain" opponents, leaving it up to you to tweak your position and time the final tackle just right.

"EA's hoping that by making defensive play more strategic, even nil-nil draws will be gripping," says the mag.

There's also a bit more info on Precision Dribbling (hinted towards in April), which will allow players to really slow down the pace with increased control being the reward.

OXM says: "Being able to hold up play until your team-mates provide options makes holding onto the ball a much more viable tactic."

For more details on FIFA 12 pick up issue 73 of OXM, which lands on shelves on May 10. It also sports a weighty and exclusive Mass Effect 3 feature, if you're into that.

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