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Mass Effect 3 will cut 'meaningless' role-playing elements

But BioWare will "enrich" the meaningful ones

Mass Effect 3 will do away with role-playing elements that don't "have a real impact in the battle", senior designer Christina Norman told Official Xbox Magazine today.

"We want to enrich the role-playing aspects of the game, while making sure that they're always meaningful in combat," she said when asked about how the faster, fluider combat gelled with the game's RPG systems.


"We don't want to have any meaningless behind-the-scenes stat games, where the output is very minor in combat. Every single thing you do has a real impact in the battle."

Mass Effect 3 builds on Mass Effect 2's streamlined third-person gunnery, allowing Shepard to perform more "actiony" moves like SWAT turns and cover hops.

For more details, look out for issue 73 of OXM, which is on shelves May 10. Give their feature '10 reasons Mass Effect 3 will be the best in the trilogy' a whirl, too.

Last night, EA delayed Mass Effect 3 to 2012.