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No Rock Band 4 this year

Series hits 100 million track downloads; plenty of new DLC on the way

Harmonix won't release Rock Band 4 this year, the studio has said.

However, Chris Rigopulos, VP of strategy and business at the developer, told Game Informer that the company will continue to support the franchise with new DLC.

"... Comparing profitability of discs vs. DLC is really an apples-to-oranges thing. Ideally, they should be complementary parts of the whole," he said.


"DLC represents an ongoing opportunity to improve the economics of the disc release. This is substantial enough in our case that it might affect how we think about our retail strategy.

"For example, the price for Rock Band 3 was recently reduced to $19.99. A price cut like that has much more compelling economics when you consider that each unit sold represents the potential creation of a new DLC customer. For all of these reasons, we're not planning a Rock Band 4 disc release in 2011."

Rigopulos revealed that the company recently "hit a significant milestone" after the series surpassed 100 million songs downloads. New song releases in May alone include tracks from Ozzy Ozbourne, Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga and Peter Frampton.

"I should probably take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all of our fans who have propelled us to these heights and to all of the artists whose music lies at the heart of the Rock Band experience," he said.

"Rock Band 3 is a big game with lots of available music content and lots of new goals and challenges. We want to give our fans the time to explore that fully. But rest assured that Harmonix is still developing new ideas and concepts to advance the Rock Band franchise, and we look forward to sharing those when the time is right."

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]