iPad 3 has 3D screen - report

And so it begins...

Just got iPad 2? Good. So it's time for incessant iPad 3 rumours to commence, then. Here's one for you: It'll have a 3D screen, like the 3DS.


That's according to RCR Wireless, who claims 'Hollywood sources' have revealed that 3D for Apple's next tablet "is a dead cert". Why would Hollywood know? Because it's apparently working on 3D content to release alongside the device.

RCR says this info has been further backed up by several other 'close industry sources' who've apparently been told the same by the typically leaky Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn.

It seems a little too early for iPad 3 information to start leaking from a manufacturer, especially considering how early in development the iPad 3 might be in Apple's labs - the iPad 2's barely had time to settle in.

But it's not the first iPad 3 chatter to emerge - early rumours suggested the device will arrive earlier than expected in 2011, while a later rumour shot down that claim, adding that the device will have a full HD screen.

Given Apple's annual iterations, we wouldn't expect to see a new tablet until this time next year, so we don't expect any solid info until later this year as Apple starts to nail down its specs and sends them to Foxconn to leak to press.

Still, a 3D iDevice would be nice, wouldn't it?

[ SOURCE: RCR Wireless ]