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Trials HD dev reveals iOS game

RedLynx's DrawRace 2 headed to iPhone and iPad in 'Q2 2011'

RedLynx, the talented team behind the awesome XBLA game Trials HD, has revealed its new iPad and iPhone game, DrawRace 2.


DrawRace 2 is a touch-based top-down racing game that aims to set a new bar for the genre. "The simple but precise touch controls of DrawRace 2: Racing Evolved provide a totally new way to experience racing on touch-screen devices," said Atte Ilvessuo, co-founder of RedLynx and executive producer of DrawRace 2.

The game promises "a variety of new cars and car types, a ton of new tracks, turbo controls, and an all-new career mode." More precisely, there'll be 16 cars, 32 3D tracks, leaderboards and multiplayer play. There'll also be five different race types, including stock cars, formula and rally.

Below is a trailer, which doesn't really show much to be honest, and three supporting screenshots.

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