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Black Ops level of success 'still possible for Homefront' - THQ

CEO Brian Farrell has his eye on the long game

The Homefront franchise is still capable of achieving success on the same level as Activision's Call of Duty.

That's according to THQ CEO Brian Farrell, who was asked by Industry Gamers whether the new FPS IP was capable of matching sales numbers like Black Ops' incredible 14 million.


"Of course, the market opportunity is there," Farrell replied, pointing out that market domination like Activision's takes years:

"When I think about it, if you go back and look at the original Call of Duty, how they built that, the first Call of Duty didn't do 18 million units. The franchise was built over time, building a quality consumer experience and supporting it well. And hey, there's a lot of room between 2.6 million units and 18,"

Speaking of post-release support, Farrell confirmed earlier this week that we can expect Homefront DLC within the next six months.

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]