Valve 'starting to look at' Steam mobile

'The more requests we receive, the more likely we'll act'

Valve says it's starting to look at the possibility of bringing Steam to mobile devices, after an influx of requests.

Speaking to trade mag MCV, Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi said the more requests Valve receives for a mobile version of the platform, the more likely it is to act.


"We do feel we're late on mobile across many of Valve's services," Lombardi said. "It is something we're starting to look at now. People are starting to ask us for it. The more requests we receive, the more we feel the need to act on them."

Jason Holtman, Valve's director of business development and legal affairs, added: "Mobile is really interesting. If you're making games, you have to be thinking about having a platform in this space. But it's too early to say anything definitive."

Microsoft's Xbox Live is of course already integrated with Windows 7 mobile devices, including custom games and mobile-only Achievements.

Will Valve go down the same route?