Who's to blame for the PSN fail? Hear the new PSM3 podcast NOW!

PSN fail, Mass Effect alien love disaster, LA Noire's highs and lows... more

Ah, how apt. In the podcast where we discuss the technical failure of PSN we suffer... a technical failure. Still, it's only ten minutes at the end of the podcast and we're sure you'd rather hear Andy Hartup spilling new details on Mass Effect 3 than not - even if it does sound like he's shouting into Wookey Hole as a result of his mic breaking. Don't worry - there's no Mass Effect spoilers, just lots of teasing snippets direct from BioWare. Plus we also bring you...

... Editor Dan's Mass Effect 2 alien love regret (causing him to stare at the ceiling in bed at 2am, wallowing in melancholy), Andy K's views on LA Noire - which he's finished before just about anyone in the world - plus some Portal 2 love, and the heads-up on DiRT 3

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On today's podcast, PSM3 Editor Dan Dawkins is joined by Andrew Kelly, Andy Hartup and Steve Williams, in a bonus length discussion of the PSN failure - with tenuous analogies linked to Neo in The Matrix. How contemporary.

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