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CVG: Comments of the week

Some funny stuff...

Not the most fruitful of weeks for the funny this time but we can kind of understand, considering how much stress a lot of you must be under - what with the PSN downtime and all that. Lord knows we've felt it.

Still for every credit card detail stolen there is a woman who is more than happy to pose completely naked for a video game based calendar and when that happens you clearly forget all of your woes.

Here are your funniest words in their funniest order.

Naked lady sorceress plugs The Witcher 2

The Witcher 2 follows from the attempt on BOOBS King Foltest's life at the end of the first game. Geralt will once again face the mysterious NAKED ARSE ON A CHAIR witcher-like assassins, who appear to be connected with a character named as the SHAVEN HAVEN Kingslayer. Other plot elements include VERY NICE, HOW MUCH Foltest's moves to capture the stronghold of the rebellious Baroness La Valette and Geralt's personal theme, in which he's looking for his WAWAWEEWA own identity. A town named Flotsam, situated on the BOING border between Temeria and Aedirn, will feature.

Amazing El Mag. Just amazing.

Oh s**t, CVG have now provided a wankfest for all the school kids that scour these corners of the internet...

Not complaining like, but think of the children.....

On second thoughts, for Christs sake, please don't!!

roynluc stepping into dangerous territory there.

sorre 4 mu spellgin im typng with ma left hnad

That's okay MrPirtniw, but why don't you just use your.... Oh.

So many comments on Youtube stating "omg, clearly vagina" but since the most you get is her vulva on show, this is clearly art. Just thought I'd clear the air with that...

Definitely art says AegisK. Definitely.

On a scale of two, I'd probably give her one.

Ah a little alpha-numeric gag BeauBeau, well played sir.

Hitman 5 announcement next week?

All these people saying "Hitman the slaphead killer" or "HITMAN: SLAPHEAD 47" or more commonly "Slappy" will really be sorry when someone takes the game too far and turns themself into 47 by following his way of life.

..... We'll take our chances cam123.

Brink by numbers: 100 quadrillion unique characters

gah sorry everyone im about to have a geek moment...
I thought 100 Quadrillion was a Quintillion?

You're right to apologise nathar.

That would surely be a 1000 quadrillion.

No don't open up this debate Sirini!

Oh yeah good point that, i definitely missed an 0, assuming we're talking about short scale. If it was long scale it would be (i think) 1000000 Quadrillion, which obviously has nothing to do with Brink.

nathar - Ah Christ.

No solid link found between violent games and aggression

You know which game makes me aggressive? Lego Star Wars TCS. 1% off True Jedi on TWO levels last night. I was bloody furious.

Wow. We'd hat to see you after being killed for the third time by a camper on COD zombiesinmyhead.

Finally, the truth comes out. And I'm goin to beat the s**te out of anyone who questions this!!

Good irony from flash501, we hope.

Or, to read it another way, Gamers care more about scoring a goal than preserving human life! At least, I'm sure that was the mail's first crack at a headline.

Goals do preserve human life corkscru74. Remember that.

Well Chewbacca lost hig rag when he lost in that hologram chess game thingy. Basically a board games... Although he is known to rip peoples arms out of their sockets.

We stopped basing our moral standards on Chewbacca long ago kimoak.