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8Realms is 'most complex commercial front-end website in existence' - Jagex

Browser-based title's HTML scaling like no other, says dev

Jagex's new browser-based strategy game is hosted on the "most complex front-end commercial website" in the world, according to its creators.

Jagex, previously best known for record-breaking free-to-play MMO RuneScape, launched 8Realm's closed beta this week - and is still accepting sign-ups.


The dev claims that the game will available to play for free on many internet capable devices, in any web browser, allowing anyone with a computer, netbook, tablet PC or iPad. The title is fully coded in HTML, using minimal javascript and no flash, and it requires no plug-ins.

"I can confidently say I know of no commercial site anywhere near as complex front-end as 8Realms," 8Realms lead designer Claire Blackshaw told CVG in a new interview. "Now as much as I love playing with HTML5 and WebGL at home it's not yet ready for prime-time. So we made current browser tech jump through hoops, and using our own server-side technology pushed what's possible in terms of scaling.

"8Realms has been a project to push Jagex web technology as far as possible. Preparing us for the biggest platform out there, the browser without plug-ins. We will always choose the most appropriate technology to deliver the games we want to make to the widest possible audience."

8Realms, an empire-building strategy game, allows players grow their settlements from a humble village to a giant dominion through eight ages of history: ancient, classical, feudal, renaissance, imperial, industrial, modern and future.