Heavenly Sword 2 to make an E3 appearance?

Sequel to PS3 launch title may be on the cards, claims report

The pre-E3 rumor mill is churning away and the latest whisperings are claiming a new Heavenly Sword game from UK developer Ninja Theory will be making an appearance.

According to gaming magazine PlayGamer, the sequel to the PS3 launch title will be an open-world sandbox game that takes place ten years after the first. The titular Heavenly Sword is acquired through completing missions and mastering a number of fighting styles, it says.


Ninja Theory told CVG last year that it made no money from Heavenly Sword.

Studio boss Tameem Antoniades revealed while the studio was interested in a sequel, it needed to go multiplatform and wasn't able to do so with Heavenly Sword since Sony owned the IP and technology.

Ninja Theory is currently working on a new entry in Capcom's Devil May Cry series. Although technically the fifth game in it is billed to be a reimagining of the entire franchise and has been called simply DMC.

[ SOURCE: The Silent Chief ]