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PES 2012 reveal 'expected in a few days' - Konami

"Real progress all over the pitch," publisher says

European PES team leader Jon Murphy has said that an official Pro Evolution Soccer 12 announcement is expected very shortly.

He wrote on Twitter: "PES 2012 announcement expected in a few days. [PES mastermind] Seabass will be talking about some key improvements."


Murphy, who has been playing early code of the game for the last few weeks, also recently posted: "Awesome, awesome gameplay. AI fantastic.

"Had more time with code. AI certainly improved for attacks, defending and decisions. Can't say more at the mo.

"Believe me the AI is great in all areas. Real progress all over the pitch."

Sounds very promising, but then he would say that wouldn't he. Either way, we're looking forward to finding out. It would be great to see FIFA and PES going head to head later this year on equal footing again.

Konami UK general manager Pete Stone said last week that the company's committed to a "long process" of rebuilding the PES series, but it doesn't think there's a "huge gap" between its game and EA's.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]