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Modern Warfare 3 box cover, 'Call of Duty Elite' logo revealed?

Speculation about the threequel and Beachhead's online project has well and truly kicked off

Logos for the as-yet-unannounced Modern Warfare 3 and the mysteriously named Call of Duty Elite may have been leaked, along with some early box art for the Infinity Ward threequel.

Kotaku's posted what "could easily be a photoshop for the game's PC cover". It features a logo that matches one posted on the Electric Hydra forums, which are also carrying a logo for Call of Duty Elite.


While it's all rumour for now, it has been speculated that Elite is the name of Beachhead's online project, which Activision's said will tie in with this year's CoD game.

It was reported yesterday that Modern Warfare 3 will go head-to-head with Battlefield 3 by focusing on large-scale maps and destructible environments, two of the features that have helped EA's rival FPS franchise earn its strong following.