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Access to Jagex's 8Realms beta available for free

Dev reveals key code for first 50,000 sign-ups

Strategy gaming fans can access the closed beta of Jagex's 8Realms for free via a code released by the UK developer.

The first 50,000 sign-ups to the beta will be gratis for those that use the promotional code: 'attilathehun'.


Signing up with the code word will also grant you an exclusive flag for your towns. Once you've built your first farm, you can redeem your reward by clicking on the empire flag section of the activity screen.

8Realms, an empire-building strategy game, allows players to grow their settlements from a humble village to a giant dominion through eight ages of history: ancient, classical, feudal, renaissance, imperial, industrial, modern and future.

The beta will include the first seven ages and will offer players the exclusive opportunity to try the game before its public release.

In the game, players develop their settlements and battle for control of precious resources, as well as defending their interests against enemy hordes and researching new technologies in order to ultimately reign supreme. Players can constantly communicate, interact and work alongside one another, via the use of 8Realms 'social' features.