Rayman Origins out November 15?

Amazon first to slap date on Rayman's 2D revival

Rayman Origins will be arriving on US shop shelves on November 15, if a new Amazon listing proves accurate.

The US arm of the retailer already has the game up for pre-order for the full price of $59.99 honing in on a November 15 release date (as spotted by Eurogamer). Ubisoft's yet to put an official date on the game, so far only having committed to a 'holiday' release window.

After a long hiatus, the brilliant-looking Rayman Origins resurfaced this week with a load of new gameplay details and confirmation the game will now appear as a full retail title.


Rayman Origins, revealed last year with a sweet debut trailer (and pretty much nothing since), was originally set to be a download title, but a revealing preview in the latest issue of Game Informer has confirmed it's instead getting a full disc release, apparently thanks to the developer's desire to make a 'real sequel'.