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3DS pre-paid cards appearing in retailers already

Nintendo cash cards spotted in Best Buy stores in US

Nintendo is yet to put an exact date on this month's expected arrival of the 3DS eShop update, but that hasn't stopped Best Buy from slapping pre-pay cash cards on shelves.


The 'Nintendo 3DS prepaid cards' have been spotted in Best Buy stores across US, currently seemingly only in $20 offerings. Having done away with that rubbish Nintendo Points system for 3DS, that gets you the equivalent money to spend on the 3DS' online shop when it arrives this month.

Details of the debut 3DS firmware update and eShop content seemingly hit the net earlier today. Set to arrive later this month, the eShop will house Virtual Console, DSiWare and 3DS-specific titles at lanch, as well as other gaming and media content.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]