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PSN down time has 'caused problems' for Dark Souls

But dev confident it won't affect October release date

Dark Souls' producer has admitted the ongoing PlayStation Network downtime has caused "problems" for the development of the online-enthused action RPG.

Speaking to CVG in Dubai this morning, the game's producer Kei Horono said he's confident that despite PSN reaching its third week offline, Dark Souls will meet its just-announced October release date.


"I would be lying if I said the problems with PSN hadn't caused us some problems," he said, "but we are in contact with Sony and are aiming to meet a street date of October 11."

Yesterday Sony said the PS3 online service will be offline for at least a few more days.

As for Dark Souls, yesterday Namco Bandai announced a pre-order program that sees early birds secure a goodies-packed Limited Edition for no extra cost.