Brink updates detailed

Developer discusses planned changes

Splash Damage has detailed some of the changes it's making to newly released team-based FPS Brink to address performance issues.

An update for the Xbox 360 version has already been released, improving texture loading times through better hard drive caching. Meanwhile, client prediction has been tweaked to reduce rubber banding in multiplayer and changes have been made to make game stability better.

Splash Damage also says it's looking into complaints of lag and hopes to deal with issues around latency soon.


The PS3 version "incorporates the same prediction fixes as in the Xbox 360 version", plus "host migration has seen several improvements". A bug where the "ability wheel sometimes displayed the wrong class abilities" has been rectified and "fixes several potential freezes".

The PC update focuses on two main improvements:

"It greatly enhances the crash reports we're getting through Steam, with more detailed information coming our way from now on. While this doesn't sound very exciting for you as a player, it's really useful for the Brink team as it'll allow us to track down the underlying issues much more quickly and work on fixes for them - particularly stability issues relating to compatibility.

"This update also fixes an issue where closing the game before getting to the character selection screen can corrupt your character data and make it unusable. Until the game update comes out, we strongly recommend not shutting Brink down during start-up to avoid this issue altogether."

The PC update is currently making its way through Steam. The studio is also working with Bethesda to resolve compatibility issues that have resulted in a number of visual and performance issues with for AMD graphics card owners.

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[ SOURCE: Brink Blog ]