Hitman Absolution 'a darker, more stylised game'

Fifth game and movie will "go with newer direction"

IO Interactive has revealed a few new Hitman Absolution details, saying the game will feature a darker, more character-driven plot than its predecessors.

The developer has worked with a cast of a dozen Hollywood actors to bring the story to life, including Keith Carradine (Cowboys & Aliens), who plays the villain, and Marsha Thomason (White Collar), who takes on the role of Agent 47's handler, Diana Burnwood.

Game director Tore Blystad told the Hollywood Reporter: "We've designed a more stylised, more serious, and darker game this time around in both the story line and the visuals.

"The hope is that the movie will be going in a similar direction, and then when they both come out they will speak the same language. They won't follow the old Hitman games, but rather go with this newer direction."

He continued: "There are more central characters in this game than we've ever dealt with before and they all have names and an important role in the story, so working with Hollywood talent was crucial to us. It's important within the framework of the game for players to be able to connect with these characters."

Announced earlier this week, due for an E3 showing next month and set for release next year, Absolution sends Agent 47 "on his most dangerous contract to date" as he fulfils different missions throughout the US. A portion of the game has been confirmed to take place in Chicago.

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[ SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter ]