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New Alien game confirmed for console, will be 'peer to Dead Space 2' - Sega

Creative Assembly's involvement confirmed

Sega has confirmed to CVG that Total War studio Creative Assembly IS making a new Alien game - and that it hopes the title will be a "peer to Dead Space 2".

Neither the studio or publisher would be drawn on confirming a genre for the game, and wouldn't say if it was a strategy title - the category Creative Assembly is best known for.


However, CA did confirm to CVG that the game would be making its way to "console", but didn't specify formats.

Creative director Mike Simpson said that he'd been given the directive to win awards by Sega, but wasn't overly pressured because "we like winning awards". Class in a glass.

"This is very much a triple-A project," Sega West boss Mike Hayes added. "We want this to be a peer to the likes of Dead Space 2."

CA is now hiring to ramp up production on the title, and wants to take its staff from 160 people to 200 in a matter of months. The studio is famed for its multi-award winning Total War series on PC.

Meanwhile, Sega is thought to be readying another Alien title in Alien: Colonial Marines, which is being developed by Duke Nukem Forever studio Gearbox in the US. We expect to see more on that one at E3 next month.

Government Minister Ed Vaizey let slip that CA was working on an Alien game earlier today on his Twitter account.