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Star Fox 64 3D supports four players, has no online play

Details spill out of retailer briefing

New Star Fox 64 3D details have made their way online thanks to a few loose-tongued Japanese retailers.


Attendees at a Nintendo retailer briefing were given an opportunity to play the 3DS update of the classic arcade flight combat title before its Japanese July 14 release and have let slip what they saw.

Here's what they had to say (via Andriasang):

  • The game has a 3DS mode, a N64 mode and a Battle mode
  • In 3DS mode, you use the gyro sensor to control your ship
  • Battle mode supports four players
  • Battle mode will support download play
  • The game won't have online play via Wi-Fi Connection
  • During combat, your face is shown as an icon, allowing for easy identification of who's who

Nintendo has confirmed that the first major 3DS firmware update has been delayed from this month to next.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]