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E3 2011's Most Anticipated: BioShock Infinite

CVG E3 2011 Awards: Vote for the games that most excite you!

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Like Rapture, the population has had plenty of time to go mad, and so the people are armed to the teeth, plasmid-powered, and hostile to outsiders in a manner that goes beyond casual xenophobia.

It's a story that'll see you get lost in an isolated city, splice up, fi ght mechanical monsters, and make those famous moral choices.

It's also a story that'll see you work with Elizabeth, avoid tough shootouts with diplomacy, and ride rails between the city's floating 'blocks' battling spliced-up lunatics.

"As a creative person you need to be able to be bold enough and brave enough to do something different" says Levine. "We kind of knew people would be thrown out of the loop when we announced this game.

That's exactly what we wanted - people saying 'what? It's a sequel, but it's not?' Usually when you think of a sequel you think, 'here's the five new levels, five new monsters, the new powers, same engine...' That's what people expect out of a sequel. That wasn't what we wanted to do."

[Words: PSM3]

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