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E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Alan Wake 2

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Game: Alan Wake 2
Publisher: Microsoft
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Rumoured

He's a wooden, warmth-free grouch, whose say-what-you-see, movie-plundering dialogue makes him sound like the huffy love child of Barry Norman and a Catchphrase contestant.

He's also bloody unfit, having only to jog a paltry few metres before his lungs wheeze like mechanical pigeons; his legs staggering like the stiletto-anchored trotters of a Geordie princess on a 2am mission to the local kebabarie.

So why, dear reader, are we so hyped for the potential return of Alan Wake?

Simple. For what he introduced - a splendid new episodic pacing model, a remarkably creepy succession of small-town NPCs, jump-in-your-seat camera work, superb voice acting - Alan's debut may yet stand as the most influential blockbuster title of 2010. Plenty disagree, but at least we've got Time magazine in our corner.

It was a game dripping in so much atmosphere you could taste the Bright Falls dew, whilst the dark/light mechanic worked ten times better than it had any right to. And then there was those brilliant, claustrophobic, darkly psychedelic packs of DLC - which felt a little like being told the best story ever whilst trapped in an intoxicating, psilocybin-drenched kennel. Backwards. By a skirting board.

Happily, it looks like we might get our wish for Alan's return next month in LA. Although Microsoft is remaining as tight-lipped about a sequel as the UK tabloids RE: the indiscretions of certain Premiership Tweet-hater, the early signs look promising.

It's been listed on a CV, for starters, whilst Remedy's own job ads hint at the reveal of a major new project at June's mega consumer show.

Meanwhile, an XBLA spin-off was revealed earlier this month, which could go one of two ways: either indicating that unspectacular sales of the first game have put Microsoft off a full-price boxed release, or that they've encouraged the platform holder to go all out with digi-games that promote a bigger product.

Remedy boss Oskari Hakkinen has confirmed that there is definitely more Wake coming, but that the next game coming from the studio won't be a traditional sequel - which sounds very much like the digital game.

But his verbatim comment - "this next Wake instalment will not be Alan Wake 2" - don't say anything about what's coming after a potential digital release, does it? Cheeky monkey.

If a full game does exist, it may well use the Finnish studio's incredible-sounding new tech, in which case, we'd wander through a pitch black Bright Falls forest just to spend five minutes with it. So long, that is, as Alan remembers to pack his inhaler.

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