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Game: SSX
Publisher: EA
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

There was a time - admittedly a good while back now - when we'd genuinely have named SSX as one of our fave gaming series. Tricky and SSX 3 were legit classics both, vying with Ninty's 1080 at a time when snowboarding ruled the lunchtime games cage roost.

Then On Tour happened, everything went a tad too 'MTV' for our liking - and SSX wiped out. Now it's back. Not in Deadly Descents form, mind; that name is history. EA wants this reboot to resonate with old school fans - but the early concept art and vibe was more Black Ops than Blackcomb, all storm clouds and rain.

That's all changed now, just look all around you for belated confirmation that SSX'll be as arcadey and OTT as (almost) ever. Now, though, it'll take advantage of more than a half decade's worth of stunning tech advancements - meaning you'll be racking up the points pulling off outrageous stuntage while fleeing from hulking avalanches, rockfalls, et al.

Previously funnelled courses will also resonate with fun opportunities to innovate and experiment - with an organic new trick system allowing players to combo to their hearts' content, riffing off outcropping pieces of scenery to add dynamism to their funky moves.

If we told you the Fight Night devs had been asked to help sculpt the mechanic, that should help fire your imaginations... Further exciting potential nuggets 'o fun arrive in the form of wing suits and pickaxes.

How's about getting big air off a portion of mountain, before busting open your bat cape and soaring over a chasm while scoring mondo pointage?

The axe, meanwhile, will allow you to escape chasm-related death plunges - allowing you to pull yourself back from the brink, Sly Stallone in Cliffhangerstyle. It's vertigo-inducingly great.

Overall, it's brilliant to see SSX back. A new Google Earth-style map menu really looks the business. We may have worried as to its direction at first - but it seems like those worries have been well and truly allayed.

[Words: Games Master]

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