E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Super Mario Bros. 3DS

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Game: Super Mario Bros 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

This, we are told, is the 3D Mario game Shigeru Miyamoto always wanted to make. Considering those he did make - scoring no less than highest accolades - such a proclamation is A Big Deal.

If 64, Sunshine and Galaxy were Shigsy at half power, imagine the results cranked up to full. No wait, don't imagine it: the levels of wonderment would boil your brain in an instant.

What does a dream Mario game look like? A cross between Super Mario Bros 3 and Galaxy, it would seem. Super Mario 3DS is a hodgepodge of past influences: Galaxy's blue skies, SMB's health system and level furniture kept in the digital attic since SMB3.

If chunky toy-block design has Tokyo EAD's Galaxy-tinted fingerprints all over it, the volume of returning favourites smacks of an older hand pulling the strings.

EAD director Yoshiaki Koizumi mentioned in a past Iwata Asks session that on 3DS he'd "be able to more confidently create the tense stages that require you to jump from platform to platform in mid-air without falling."

Step back from our beloved 3D Mario games and you'll be surprised at how little out-and-out platforming takes place. The jump to 3D may have given us landmasses, big chunks of ground to clamber around on, but little in the way of abstract floating platforms.

Remember that Miyamoto's original vision for Mario 64 was linear 3D levels - stages that went on to become Bowser's gauntlets - so could this be the essence of 'true' 3D Mario games. Only one month until we find out at E3. Squeee!

[Words: NGamer]